But why?

It would seem that, for many, today's world is filled with choices and means for individual expression. As a result we experiment, to find ourselves, and enter in and out of trends, thoughts, relationships, likes, and dislikes. But as society praises individuality, it also pushes an agenda of conformity. Leaving us with a compulsion to be different just for the trend of being different. This compulsion leads us to create a façade which requires effort in genuinely working to be unique even though it may make us uncomfortable in your own skin. This is not experimentation but a endorsement of in-authenticity in exchange for acceptance. This isn’t an attempt to knock those that are experimenting in and effort to find their own aesthetic, but more so an endorsement for authenticity in whatever it is that one chooses to do. Different is cool, stepping outside of your comfort zone is cool, but doing either thing for the sake of “cool” is…questionable. When it’s all said and done, do what feels right for you.  We would much rather endorse whatever it is that drives you and promotes your authenticity.