Catching up

Its been a while since the last post, but work at SUPERGIANT has not stopped or slowed down. We are still upholding the madness of creativity, its beauty and limitless expression. When it comes to product, we've added several new designs to our inventory and expanded our product line to include accessories. This spring, we ventured outside of our usual colorful palate and introduced our “spring black” with the Coast to Coast t-shirt. Through it all, we are keeping true to our grassroots growth model and connecting with others that share a passion and appreciation for artistic expression. These connections have allowed us to take part in events such as Pentastic open mic and MKE Portal showcase (formerly known as Timbuk-Tuesdays) in Milwaukee and L.O.U.D.'s Soundtrack to Our Lives in Madison, Wisconsin. Each event fosters creativity and provides local talent an opportunity to share their gifts and possibly inspire others to express themselves creatively in one way or another - and that is what SUPERGIANT embraces – approaching creativity with limitless expression. It has definitely been a determined run for SUPERGIANT thus far, and we look forward to continuing the madness throughout the summer of 2017.