Art Therapy

So, May was mental health awareness month, but with the staggering amount of information we consume on a daily basis, it is nearly impossible to filter what is essential to our ongoing psychological well-being. So, shouldn’t we take time to foster good mental health every month? Like many of our friends and acquaintances, we turn to artistic expression to cope with stressful situations and lifestyles. Art is where many of our people find balance, either by creating art, viewing art, talking about art, consuming art, or learning about art. As a universal language, art is a wonderful tool that provides multiple mediums to understanding ourselves and others. We know everyone’s needs are unique and sometimes you just need to talk to a professional in a traditional therapeutic setting. Whatever your preferred form of therapy may be, remember that each one requires authenticity; because without authenticity, you may address the symptoms but the core issue remains.  But don’t worry, we know it is a lot to ask of people, but we just want to see the real personalities behind the creative madness in this world.